Common Smartcard Solutions Association has restructured itself at the annual general meeting, which took place at 20. March 2015. New chairman is Ulrich Ludwig from Vision ID Engineering.

Ludwig is a member of the board since its foundation in 2011 and directs the technical working group since then. As further board members have been elected: Christoph Grund, Micros Fidelio Germany, Martin Witschi, Hug-Witschi and Dirk Schwindling, TCPOS. The former chairman Walter Neuhaus, Kontroll Systeme, who has been leading the association since its foundation, has been unanimously elected to a honorary member. Walter Neuhaus has been directing Common Smartcard from 2011 to 2014.

About Common Smartcard

Common Smartcard Solutions Association defines standardised card structures for contactless smartcards based on different technologies in the area of e-payment (closed systems). The association has been established in April 2011 in munich after an intensive preparatory phase. It supports the dissemination of standardised card structures with various marketing activities, such as informative events, articles in professional trade magazines and joint presence at trade fairs.

Vision ID is founding member and supports the association in creating the technical specifications, organization and markting activities. Of course all our products support the card structures defined by the association.

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