Software library for contactless chipcards

The TagDiver Middleware ensures a safe read and write access for contactless chipcards by providing a simple-designed interface. The controlling application uses only a few commands to access directly the fields defined by the card structure for reading and writing. Also complex card structures will be translated into simple calls by the Middleware.

Each TagDiver Middleware will be configured according to the specific project requirements an will be delivered in shortest time in normal case. For special requirements, we may use customer specific plugins to reach the target.

Our TagDiver Middleware certainly supports the standard card structures openCashfile DESFire EV1 and LEGIC advant, which are defined by the Common Smartcard Solutions Association.

TagDiver Architecture


  • Simple-defined interface
  • A test application is included, which provides an instant access to the desired chipcard.
  • Several different card structures with different technologies may be supported simultaneously. With this feature, the transparent exchange between different technologies is possible!
  • Flexible extensibility by customer specific plugins
  • Short term delivery by high-grade configurability
  • If required: Comfortable and comprehensive configuration of all parameters of the respective encoding technology may be done by using an appealing user interface.
  • Provided technologies: MIFARE© classic/plus, MIFARE© DESFire EV1, LEGIC© prime und LEGIC© advant. Other technologies on request.
  • Supports several card reader models
  • Different operating systems
  • Implemented as Windows DLL or Linux LIB
  • Several licensing models

Many years of experience in developing drivers and middleware for NFC/RFID readers ensure perfect quality and stability. A demo version is available.

More information about the TagDiver Middleware is available on request.

The current version of the TagDiver product information sheet can be downloaded here.