Vision ID Engineering GmbH was established in january 2010 as a distribution company for products of ib-ludwig engineering & consulting. ib-ludwig has been in operation since april 1999 and since then has been successfully present on the market for card personalization solutions and middleware for NFC and RFID.

In the past years, ib-ludwig especially developed customer-specific software and hardware solutions for given card production processes and middleware software for contactless card readers. Now ib-ludwig also offers the card personalization solution StigmaTag and the flexible middleware solution for card readers TagDiver. These products were developed from scratch by ib-ludwig and are distributed by Vision ID Engineering GmbH.

Scope of service and core competencies

  • Consulting, functional specification preparation, project planning according to your individual requirements
  • System design and implementation of chipcard applications (contact chips and contactless chips)
  • Software development for Windows, Windows Embedded CE, Windows Mobile and Linux
  • Hardware design and firmware development for Embedded Systems
  • Development of electronic circuits and manufacturing of prototypes

We would be pleased to make an individual offer for your project. Please get in touch with us.