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  • The modular architecture provides a flexible adaption to the requested requirements
  • Individual design of the card by powerful layout designer with zoom, grid, and alignment-features
  • Freely configurable data entry mask using the integrated data form designer
  • Flexible database connectivity with access to integrated, local or external databases
  • Encoding possiblilities for magnetic stripe, barcode, contact and contactless chipcards
  • Comfortable and comprehensive configuration of all parameters of the respective encoding technology on the user interface
  • Image recognition modules for several camera types available
  • Visually appealing and intuitive user interface with 16 different themes
  • Different display languages supported
  • StigmaTag can be remote controlled, allowing the card production from other applications

Card Layout

  • StigmaTag Card LayoutIndividual design of the card layout using the integrated Layout Editor (WYSIWYG) with zoom, grid and alignment functions
  • Static card layout objects (Text, image, line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse)
  • Variable card layout objects by formula support with function library (Date, time, field combinations, etc.)
  • Automatic word wrap/line feed
  • Preview of the designed card
  • Front- and backside printing
  • Usage of TrueType fonts
  • Integration of dynamic image data in various formats
  • Supports all established 1D-barcode types
  • Supports external application calls for dynamical image genera-tion (e.g. integration of two-dimensional QR-Codes)
  • Possibility for Export and Import of single card layouts (also password protected)

Data Connections

  • Universal database connection using ADO data access technology
  • Supports CSV recordsets (delimiter separated data)
  • Database navigation with filter and search functionality
  • Possibility to save images into the database (in JPG format)

Data Form

  • StigmaTag Data FormIndividual design of the Data Form using the integrated Data Form Editor (WYSIWYG) with grid and alignment functions
  • Several data entry controls (edit boxes, combo boxes, etc.), which can be placed anywhere on the data form
  • Image acquisition by TWAIN interface, file import or by automated camera control with face recognition, face crop and image enhancement
  • Multiple data forms may be created and switched in the Data Entry view
  • Possibility for Export and Import of single data forms (also pass-word protected)
  • Instant production start of a card right out of the Data Entry view

Encoding possibilities

  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Contact chip encoding
  • Contactless encoding MIFARE® Classic >> Details
  • Contactless encoding MIFARE® DESFire EV1 >> Details
  • Contactless encoding LEGIC® prime/advant >> Details
  • Contactless encoding Hitag (read only)
  • Comprehensive configuration possibilities for all parameters of the respective encoding technology
  • Variable data objects by formula support and function library

Card Production

  • Card profiles can be created to combine existing card layouts and card encoding configurations
  • Automatic assignment of the card profile (from data record)
  • Batch production capability
  • Logging of all production processes into a file or into the database, comprehensively configurable
  • Selectable tag encoding position for each encoding module (before/after card printing or integrated during the personalization process)
  • Optional Lettershop module - automatic printing of configurable accompanying letter or receipt >> Details
  • Control the StigmaTag card production from other applications, located either on the local Computer or also on the Windows Network >> Details

System requirements

  • Operating system Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (.NET Framework required)
  • A card reader which matches the required tag technology (integrated into the card printer)